Kyla Cofer, CLC

Burnout & Leadership Coach, Activist, Speaker 


Kyla Cofer is a Certified Personal Development Coach specializing

in Burnout and Leadership Coaching.


She had a successful career in high-level Administration roles for

fast paced small businesses, playing a crucial role in the growth

of the companies. Kyla started her career at a Non-profit,

where her love for 501c3 organizations grew and flourished.

She has been on the starting end of multiple nonprofits and businesses,

and has spent almost 20 years in the pursuit of justice through

volunteering, donating, supporting, and being an advocate for numerous


Using her Signature Reset Formula, Kyla coaches activists and nonprofit

professionals on how to avoid burnout and create sustainable change.

Through private and group coaching as well as workshops and

public speaking, Kyla offers sagely wisdom and thoughtful questioning,

empowering you to take steps to reach your goals and fulfill your calling.






What does it look like to coach with me?


Through powerful questions, accountability and exercises (the mental

kind. No push-ups required), I guide you in working through your fears 

& blocks to create life balance and meet your goals.

But even more specifically,

I really love you change-makers. Those of you who are spending

your days investing in other people and ideas.


Those of you who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place. 

I know you face challenges:

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety

  • Compassion fatigue

  • High Stress

  • Slow progress towards giant goals

  • Financial burdens

As your coach, I’m here to support you, encourage you, ask you the questions other people are too nice to ask, and give you the most direct route to your next step.


Have questions, or ready to schedule your free coaching call?

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